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Surveying and Civil Engineering

From field to delivery, we provide advise using best survey practice in the following areas:

  • Traversing, Modern Total Stations, 3D Laser Scanning, Mobile Scanning, UAV and Entry Level LiDAR, Large Scale Data Acquisition, GNSS/Geodetic Surveys, GNSS CORS Network Operation and Maintenance, Remote Monitoring Network Implementation, Photogrammetry Support Surveys, Periodic, Automated and Real-time Monitoring Structures/Land Movement, Precise Levelling, Data Processing/Adjustment and Analysis, Geodetic Transformations, Topographical Surveys, and BOMA.

We can help you demystify modern technology and equipment. Our team will help you develop processes, workflows and documentation to ensure managers understand and are comfortable with, information that is presented to them.

Standardisation and Automation

Tatras Consulting will help your business improve processes to achieve consistency, improve productivity and automate workflows. This will be tailored to suit your company needs.  We may start by reviewing or helping you develop your company standards and codes of practice required to communicate requirements, followed by the implementation of processes to delivery of these improvements.

Tatras Consulting specialise in 12d Model Civil engineering software and can provide one on one training for all levels of designers.

This includes:

  • Data management and setup of projects in 12d Model
  • Geometric alignment training
  • Road templates and snippets
  • Chains and trimeshes training
  • Basic drainage design
  • Data integration with other packages
  • CAD drafting and plan presentation
  • Generation of acceptable DWG files for post processes by external applications

Standardisation and Automation

Our team will help you improve processes to achieve consistency, improve productivity and automate workflows, standards and conventions to communicate requirements, specialised templates, snippets, chains and macros can all deliver faster, better, and more accurate designs and deliverables. Contact us to discuss.