TC macro – Average GNSS points

A panel used to calculate mean position for set of coordinates.

Surveys with multiple measurements to a mark may generate multiple points.  These may come from GNSS or Terrestrial observations, imported XYZ data or other sources.  It may be desirable to calculate a mean position from multiple measurements to provide final position for further analysis or upload to LandOnLine.  Additionally, weight based on quality of data may be an appropriate way to ensure greater accuracy points are represented with greater weighting.  This can be achieved using custom string attributes.

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This macro is available for purchase.

Priced from just NZ$99* for single dongle, NZ$299* for one named client (all users per company) or NZ$499* for multiple named clients (for enterprise multi national offices). Prices are subject to change and exclude GST.

Purchased macros are locked to a specific version of 12D Model and licensed to specified Company as named in their nodes.4d file or a specific Dongle ID.  Organisations with multiple Company named in their nodes.4d file (offices in different countries) may need to purchase a copy of the macro for each named company (office).   All macros are compiled to a specific version of 12d Model software and may not run on earlier or future versions of the software.  These macros may become obsolete with future 12d Model functionality.


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